Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Now then Now then Now then,

Well a big fat merry Christmas to everyone.

I just wanted to make a note about links to the right. If i have recently been in contact with you or you have a new blog and it should be updated please be patient. I have just attempted to change these things 3, yes 3, times and each time they have not saved. The third one is in fact still "saving" although i expect that is a computer generated lie.

Fear not Compadres this will all be rectified in due course. I might ship the whole thing to this other blogging network as it looks much nicer and as we all know its all about looks. We are discouraged from supporting this claim but we all secretly know it to be true. Much like when Chandler made the claim "smoking's cool and you know it!" he was right, and they did all know it as they all smoke like dirty chimneys in their real lives. However post smoking ban, smoking is not cool. However, it does remain all about looks.

Came 4th in a 180 last night when the big stack hit everything. his Q7 vs QJ, flop QT4..river 7 his J7 vs KQ. Flop 77K turn Q. His A3 vs A7, his 55 shove caught by great little short stack player's JJ....river 5, etc etc. Fuck him. The good thing about this was i was 12th on the final table bubble and people with chips were suggesting i calmed down the raises and shoves. I was playing tight and positional to be honest and it wasn't long before i was 4th. For the first time in one of these when i have been behind, i have realised that the people with chips are definitely not better players than me, in fact they are much worse, this allowed me to continue as i was, knowing that more often than not i would be up against them with the best of it.

Now i just need to hope that my recent downswing - huge - eek - has been a rough side of variance, something i don't believe in at these limits - lol, and that i can bag a few wins and some Christmas cash.

All the best