Friday, November 30, 2007

Great Advert

Poker and play (poker her and play? Thats not what i meant)

So... i am really busy with this new play i am in in north London. I am officially in an off West End production. In case you don't know - West End productions are the big, big shows, musicals, Shakespeare from the RSC with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart etc etc. Off West End are good, respected venues where work may have the opportunity to transfer to the west end if they are a success. Finally there is fringe. Fringe theatre is valuable and has been around for years often providing a platform for newer writers, directors and actors to home their craft. This is a step up for me which is great news.

Whilst I only have a small part the play will be reviewed by all the national papers (including the Times), local London rags and such publications as Time Out, The Spectator, Metro and London Lite etc. Tonight was press night and such was very busy. I know that personally, my performance wasn't so hot tonight which was a shame, but the play as a whole ran very well. So given that the reviewers were in the play running well was the main thing although any illusions i was under about stealing the entire show have now been pushed beyond the realms of impossibility.

It is such a weird thing about being an actor. This year i had done three short films and a reading of a film script up until this October. It was such a bad year after having worked for te whole of last year. Then. from nowhere, i have the TV pilot and this play to end the year. These jobs didn't pay loads of money but they have put more credits on the CV and as far as work status goes, they have pushed me into a marginally higher bracket.

As for poker, i have not had the time to play m/any tourneys, only a couple of sng's. Instead i have been playing a few disciplined cash sessions at the nosebleed heights of the 10c/25c tables. I am not actually rolled for this but have had a great few days. I dropped an entire stack with AA (first hand of the session) against a twats 96 off suit but knew i played bad and once i accepted that i just moved on. I also ended that session up half a buy in so had made it all back. Also, with regards to the roll i am just not going to put myself in a stack flip situation. I am pretty sure i am a better reader of the game than i was a year ago and am also playing better hands (no more ace rag out of position....well....maybe sometimes) and i also think i recognise the strength of my hands a bit better. by this i mean i am not going to pay anyone off with just top pair like i might have impatiently done in the past. So this last 3 days have seen me run $70 up to $185 and i have just withdrawn $85 which is great cos i have overspent this week (currently trying to adhere to a budget for the first time in forever. I have just never really had to before. This did not stop me visiting Diesel, Urban Outfitters, Carharrt and Stussy yesterday, i would have bought but just didn't see anything i really liked. Plus the holly jolly Christmas time is just around the corner and there are more important people than myself to spend my NO money on)

Gl everyone

patience and selective aggression are the keys to the game!

Dail A Dealer

Hey up folks,

Check out the link on the left for

In case you cannot imagine what they do or can't use the link above, here is what they have to say on their site.

"Enjoy playing poker at home but don’t like the hassle of self-dealing? Want to run a sophisticated poker night to entertain clients or impress your mates? will do this for you. We will provide top specification tables, chips, cards and most importantly professional dealers for your poker night, at a venue of your choosing. We will provide a sheen of exclusivity to your poker game, and it couldn’t be easier to arrange."

They offer different packages if you want a home game, or something for a do at work. They can even organise a beginners lesson style game for you if some of your mates are beginners and you want to give them a slight heads up before taking all their money.

They also provide everything, the chips and cards, the table and chairs. You just need a venue and some friends.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Well disguised consumerist brag post and reality TV - too far??

Hey up dudes.

As you know i love films and as such whilst feeling particularly flush about 2 years ago i bought a 42" Panasonic plasma and a Denon 5.1 surround sound system. Its an awesome setup and at the time there was no better system available pound for pound. Love it.

This system has built in freeview which is very handy when you live in an flat with a analogue signal that a that a third world orphan would find laughable. The freeview in turn has its own guide built into it which i often browse for programmes of interest. Usually documentaries, comedy, films etc. It was just now that I stumbled across a programme the likes of which i have never before seen on our screens. I actually like reality TV, "I'm a celebrities Big Brother that can't cook won't cook in Hell's Kitchen Nightmare" I'm all for it. A lot of actors hate these programmes as they "take away jobs". They say this on the grounds that by not making dramas and putting in this shit instead, there are less jobs available. I am of the mind that this is not the TV companies fault but rather the British publics obsession with celebrity and the old rule of business supply and demand. If there was no demand they would not make these programmes. They could not as they would not be watched. All they are doing is pandering to the audiences wishes and they love it too cos these things are cheap to make.

Anyway, the programme that caught my eye is on tonight (19/11/07) on BBC3 at 10.30 pm (repeated at 1.25am should you miss it) and has the superb title of "Can Fat Teens Hunt". The title amused me but the synopsis cracked me up...ahem

"Can Fat Teens Hunt
1/6. Ten dangerously overweight teenagers spend one month with the Iban tribe in the harsh and remote jungles of Borneo (!). Very strong language and upsetting scenes"

Upsetting scenes??? - i'll fucking bet there are. Hahahah

Friday, November 16, 2007

best result in ages

I am laughing to say that my best result in ages is to bubble in a 180. But that was me tonight 19th when my Aces were no good.

I had just gone from second to 6th somehow i don't remember exactly how that happened. Then i take a huge hit. I limp in the sb with A6 diamonds and the flop comes AJ4 - i check and the early position limper bets. I raise 3.5 times his bet and he calls. Turn is Ten. Which is a danger card but i think i am good. I bet he calls. The river is a 6. 2 pair for me and i shove. He calls with pocket tens and wins. That was pretty sickening as i saw the river and thought if i wasn't ahead before, i am now. Alas.

The last hand was me now on about 7k and i raise about 1800 in mid position with AA. I am called in the big blind. The flop is J9x with 2 spades. I bet small he check calls. I have already decided that i am trying to get value out of this hand. The turn is the K and it goes check check. The river is a low spade and he bets. I only have 4k left and his bet is 3k. I can't fold and put the rest in. He flips over ......

37 spades



What the fuck?????

I literally screamed at my computer screen. I don't think i can take it anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suicidal but i am seriously fucked off. I suppose i am to blame for misreading both hands to a certain degree but Jesus Christ. If i am check raised on a AJ flop and hold TT i need to fold. If i hold 37 suited to a raise i really am not able to call in bad position. Bunch of cunts.


Whilst you are in Blockbuster renting the films that i recommended in the last post, why not also rent the excellent "She's So Lovely". It stars Sean Penn (excellent), his wife (in real life) Robin Wright Penn (soo hot), John Travolta and Harry Dean Stanton. Also check out "Cecil B Demented", a very silly and different film from the crazy mind of John Waters (who also made the brilliant "Serial Mom" starring the lovely Kathleen Turner).

As for poker, well i'm at my lowest point financially so i am simply not playing as much. I hate playing for really small amounts. I just donk off money cos i don't care enough about losing my $5 buy in whilst sitting there for an hour or 2 at a cash table or a full ring sng. So i am playing the new (ish) heads up Horse Games which are going well and are more interesting to play. I can't lose if i'm honest. Ha. These are then, in turn, paying for me to fuck up in the 4.40/180's. I can handle playing these because at least there is a significant payoff should you come 1st to 3rd. The main problem with these is my patience levels and opponents idiocy. I'm sure there must be a mathematical formula for time spent in a tournament (t) vs impatience (i)vs density of opponents (morons). There more players there are, the more decisions and coin flip situations you have to survive so the amount of variance is significantly greater. If you are impatient as well you might as well not play as you need every part of your mind working for you.

I am definitely not in the poker mindset at the moment but i am not gonna stop. Although it certainly does seem like i am a different player completely to the one who rolled up $1k on the cash tables and won 650 dollars in a week in the 4.40/180's. What happened?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Acting and good films

In case you wonder what an unemployed actor does all day, here is an insight.

-Get up late. Always. Unless you have a job or a meeting to go to.

-Cup of tea and glass of orange juice.

-Learn lines if there are any to learn. Better to do this now whilst your head is clear and before -other things get in the way. Food, tv, girlfriend etc.

-Take care of stuff. Shopping, banking, bills etc.

-Food. Not much. If you are sitting around all day you don't need to eat like an American.

-Enjoy the afternoon. Rented films. My own DVD's. Write stuff (own ideas etc).

-Check jobs online. As a member of several casting websites which are mostly shit, but even though they are you sort of have to be a member otherwise you might miss the one decent thing. Also, if you are not a member, are you doing anything to advance your own career other than watching actors in films you would rather be in?

-Read the news online.

-Prepare for and make dinner for arrival of lovely girlfriend. Relax and watch films/TV together.

Anyway. Here are some of the films i have seen recently that i would actually recommend. I am a harsh critic and have not even memtioned half the films i have seen as they are just distinctly averge.

You should see

The Persuit of Happyness - emotional "American dream" story with Will Smith and his real life son. Beautiful.

Zatoichi - early 90's martial arts movie about a blind samurai.

Il Postino - beautiful italian movie about...a postman...funnily enough

Breaking and Entering-written and directed by Anthony Minghella starring Jude Law, Juliet Binoche, Robin Wright Penn and Martin Freeman. Set in London. Well paced, nice story, emotional.

Reign Over Me - Adam Sandler, Don Cheadle, Jada Pinkett Smith and Liv Tyler. Sandler plays it straight in most of this film and it has a very enjoyable and emotional journey.

You should avoid

eXistenZ - like the plague. I saw Breaking and Entering and decided to see more Jude Law and Robin Wright Penn films. I searched and got this. Its so bad. I saw the cast list - Law, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ian Holm, Christopher Eccleston and Willem Dafoe. I saw that list of talent and was very excited. Within the hour i had fallen asleep and turned it off. Utter gash. What a waste.

As for poker


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Why is it?

Why is it that i go on such a hot run and think i have this game sown up and then crash so badly i wonder how i ever won anything in the first place?

why is it i cannot find any motivation to write a blog let alone read other peoples?

why is it i can barely find the energy to promote and advance my own career? How will i feel in 2 months when i have to jack in this lazy boy lifestyle and return to work and have to find energy to accomplish tasks for someone i detest.

why is it short stacks call all in with Q3 and hit?

why do i feel so depressed?

why is it that i just broke the "why is it" pattern on that last sentence?

will i ever get the breaks i need or will i be stuck in this rut forever?

who can say

i wish they would let me know so i can start making alternate arrangements