Monday, March 26, 2007

Well it wasn't a fairytale ending

Last night I eventually finished 49th out of 2700+ runners. A good finish in comparison to more regular placings but so dissappointing at the same time.

When i signed off last night I was 30 something in position with 80+remaining and just slightly above average chips. Players gradually dropped out and i continued to raise anything decent in position and pick up blinds and antes but didnt really get involved with anyone to build my chips. This resulted in my being below average chips coming up my exit hand.

At this point i am looking to take a gamble and get myself in position to win. The money in this thing was so top heavy that to make anything significant to me i'd have to make the final table. I think even 11-15 paid only $100-200.

Anyway a few hands before my last I'm dealt QQ in very middle position. There is a small raise in first (suspicious) and is folded to me. I put my curser on my "bet amount" area (dont know what it is called) Im going for a smallishh raise here as i want action. Anyway the nightmare happens - never happened before - my mouse sticks - i cant select the amount or scroll the slider bar - nothing - it is then the screen changes - where the 60 second timer pops up - only i usedd my time earlier and I have no time left- cue super slow motion - F f f f f o o o o o l l l l l l d d d d d - Noooooooooooo. All fold round to the initial raiser and he takes it. I cannot believe it. I never use all my time up. I am quite a fast acting player (too fast i think, something i'm working on) but i'd had 2 big decisions to make by the time this point arose. Now i felt I had a chance to get back in cruely snatched from me. Of course it crossed my mind that the initial raiser could have had me beat but i would have played that hand strong and lived with the consequences. I just want to say that although i have never needed the time before, today i did. As the playing field was geting smaller i'd also expect to use it more. I was pretty angry afterwards. I cant imagine playing in todays sunday million for example ($1000 buy in) and the same thing happening. I'd be suicidal! I wonder if a good idea is for poker sites to replenish the time bank at each break? I know some people would abuse it, but they would be in the minority as online is so fast. Sometimes though you need extra time for whatever reason (usually legit think time) and to not have it there as an option when the money is getting serious just seems crazy.

This leads into the second horrible situation and my ultimate demise. Boo. I am in the BB with Q9 spades. There is a limper in first and it is all folded to me. Beautiful. Free flop with creative cards. The flop is nice too. It is K high with 2 low cards and gives me the 4 flush. I quickly consider my options given my lack of time bank. He has roughly the same chips as me so despite the "fear the early limper" warning which i so often heed - i moved all in - he unfortunately insta called. God damn it cruel fate. Slow play big hand in early pos.......what?? whats that??? ladies and gentlemen of the jury i ask you now to tell me what he had elected to call me with. Bear in mind there are 50 people left and SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS for first. I'll give you a second to put him on a hand....


He. This guy. Who must have made some good plays to arrive that this point called with.......... A9 off suit! WHAT?! The ace was a spade so he could have been looking for runner runner flush or convinced i was on a draw called with ace high. Knowing he was 60/40 favourite. But here it is from where im standing. Even if i'm bluffing - he still has no hand. NONE! Even if he puts me on a draw... well at least i have a draw! What is he thinking? The other thing is he called instantly. He didn't look at my chips to see if he'd be out if he was wrong. He didn't do a count to assess what my requirements for a move like that might be. He just insta called. Perhaps it was a mis-click. If anyone ever reads this blog. tell me if you would make this play and why. I want to learn cos i just don't get it. So i was out. Fucking gutted actually. I was hitting cards, winning coin flips, felt like i was making good reads. It was one of those where everything you need to have happen to win was happening. Then this. Out. As im sat there with the table still open. No one mourning my all too sudden demise, someone else, a player, not a rail bird, types "nc". This, once again, is someone who is making supposedly good plays to arrive at this spot. He thinks it was a "nice call". I am quite a vocal person when it comes to busting out of tourneys. If i dont like the play i will often become abusive (something else i am trying to work on) but i simply said something like "I disagree. He called for all his chips with no pair and no draw. Ace high. Np gg and gl all" point was made no abuse and i made a gentlemanly exit. Mr "nc" said "it was a little crazy but a nice call". Perhaps he was right but for all his chips i just cant agree.

Just watched the film "Tsotsi". If you haven't seen it i strongly recommend it. Excellent performances and Im an actor - so i should know. Ha. I'm also watching the brilliant comedy The Green Wing. British surrealist comedy set in a hospital. Took me a while to warm to but now i love it. Also nearly finished Season 1 of the Sopranos. Excellent.

I am currently reading - ahem
-Up a Yum Bum Tree - Martin Pilcher (my good friend's father's second novel)
-Current issue of Inside Poker (you know you're tired when you spell "current" as "cueernt" and cant figure out how to make it better)
-Tillerman's poker blog - good read, nice use of funny, non poker related links/ vids etc (i'll talk blogs later)
- Ace on the River - Barry Greenstein
-Harrington 1
-Small stakes Hold Em - Ed Miller

Take it easy and good luck

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rebuys & Dog the bounty hunter

Dog the bounty hunter is the mindless back drop to my writing this and playing in the Pstars 3 dollar rebuy.

Im currently sat with 105k with blinds at 1500/3000 and 298 of 2780 remain so I'm quite happy. I have got really lucky once when I was short stacked 14k and in the bb w A10 hearts. Its all folded to the button who min raises so its 1600 (800) to call. The only thing i see here is - button + tiny raise = my hand better. I figure that a decent reraise is gonna be 3.5 - 4k so thinking that and looking at my stack i move all in. He actually pauses (hilarious, probably can't believe it) and then calls with KK. The flop is 9Q8 and the turn brings the J to make my cruel but very beautiful straight.

Another point of note here is apart from my initial buy in and insta rebuy to 3k as well as the add on i have not rebought so good value for me.

Also in this tourney something happened which i have never experienced before. I was sat watching the table during the rebuy period and there is this nutter moving all in every hand. He is getting grief off peeps for rebuying so much. My thoughts here are "Love This". You need a loose table in a rebuy period. Anyway then i noticed his screen name is "apestyles" i know that name, i thought, so i googled it- got to pocket 5's and as i suspected he is a big tourney player. he won something like 25k cashing in 4 tourneys yesterday alone and here he is sat opposite me. So i observed. Indeed he was all in nearly every hand. Clearly though he didnt care about the meagre 3 dollars and in the face of some crit stated - that he didnt care about the tourney/money/ and was doing it for TLB points. So the way it played out was that a few times he moved all in, i had a decent hand and being aware of his non existant starting requirements I would call. I won about 4 out of 6 (roughly) all in pots against him and so built quite a nice stack. He assured some haters that the chips always come back as he loaded up again and again.

Rebuy period over i catch some good cards and build slowly but nicely until the following hand occurred.

Im in the sb w Q10 spades - "apestyles" in early/mid raises 3xbb - 1 caller in late and i call - flop is all low 267 with 2 spades - i decide to check and asses the action - he bets strong and the other guy folds. I call - turn 10. I check he bets strong again i call now with top pair and 4 flush - river J he bets big again. Now really all i have is pr of 10's but i think i may be good especially given his very aggressive play. I make the call and he has a flopped set of 7's. Honestly didnt see that raise in early position as been a mid pair. However i should have read it perhaps as an over pr and folded on the river. His aggression was against me, correctly putting me on a draw and punishing me accordingly. So he did indeed win his chips back and put himself in a good position in the tourney.

Observing him further I witnessed tight aggressive play where he was always ahead in the hands he chose to continue with. He was also gracious as a player, congratulating players on having good hands (even when beating him) and rising to any criticism he faced. Respect.

A nice hand occurred to resurrect my chip stack where i had 56spades in the sb. There was a minimum raise from late, i called so did the BB. The flop was A42 (2 hearts) i checked so did the others. Turn the beautiful 3 giving me the straight. I knew there was a draw out there but was looking to make a lot of chips. I currently had the nuts so I check called a bet from the original raiser. The river was great. A blank 9 and I led out 1800 into a 3600 approx pot. Opponent chat boxed "5??" (I didnt chat box "tee hee") especially when he raised - i moved the rest of my chips in, he called - he had A4 - flopped 2 pr. Wooot. He then said nothing to me but to his large stacked lover at the table he said "i'll let him have that one". Hmmmm

Just looking back at my hand history now in this tourney so far, i see that my winning hands have been mainly from really good pre flop starting hands. Now you may laugh at this but i am a sicko for the pretty hands. The hands that you can get caught out with when they connect just enough to keep you interested. I am trying to be much strickter with myself pre flop regarding starting requirements and position. I made the money in this rebuy 2 nights ago (only small cash) and am there again so hopefully Im improving.

129 players remain

A controversial hand involved me and "apestyles". He had me covered by about 7k chips and it went like this. I had A8 diamonds in mid/late pos and raise 2x bb - he calls on the button. The flop comes 8 10 7 rainbow. I lead out 6500 into a 9k (ish) pot. He instantly moves all in. Hmmm. My thought process goes like this. A made straight would mean he called with J9 (I doubted this given his tight play) and he doesnt need to put me all in as he could scare me off. And to be honest - and i may be wrong here - i didnt put him on a set for the same reason. When he flopped the set before he was increasingly aggressive street by street - he could have called pre flop with 10 10 but i doubt he'd put me near that straight so why move all in? The thing that seemed most reasonable was a draw himself or an over pr. The over pr was again doubtful as his all in would be as protection against the straight draw which i didnt think he put me on. Clock is ticking and i call. he shows A9 for 7 8 "9" 10 on the flop. the turn and river blank and i double up, leaving him with 7k in chips. Very nice. There is talk on the table of a tough call etc. "apestyles" says that most times i'm behind there and later said he would also make that play with an over pr. I acknowledge that (genuinely) im sure he is right and maybe i made a bad play. I spoke a little on why i made the call because this is someone i can learn from. I checked the odds on "pokerplayer" magazine (best odds calculator IMO) and it put me at 53%. Honestly i was just happy that despite what anyone said (and even if i'd have lost) i made a read and put the chips in with the best of it. All too often i am reraised and make decisions far too quickly costing me severely in these tournaments. As far as playing with apestyles is concerned, i can't comment on what level of his game he brought to the table but i really enjoyed playing with him and it just inspired me to work harder to be better. (check his stats by the way at : )

Progress - lets just hope it lasts

81 players left
238,232 in chips
average 221,975
Pos - 32nd

Friday, March 16, 2007

So. I'm playing a $4.40/180 on Stars...

...when i make the following play. Basically i couldn't have asked for anything more perfect to happen in the way that things played out. (except the result of course) Just thought it was worth posting to laugh at and realise that like the man Tony G sez, once you have put the money in, its up to the cards who wins.

PokerStars Game #8920132262: Tournament #45359916, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - 2007/03/15 - 20:16:26 (ET)Table '45359916 3' 9-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat
1: Scha (2275 in chips)
Seat 2: redrat67 (1520 in chips)
Seat 3: QdAd JINX (4920 in chips)
Seat 4: eazy_pickenz (8155 in chips)
Seat 5: ReNard0 (3080 in chips)
Seat 6: roithoso (13265 in chips)
Seat 7: ^^^ (4315 in chips)
Seat 8: 37chevy (820 in chips)
Seat 9: justin22_12 (1885 in chips)
^^^: posts small blind50
37chevy: posts big blind 100
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to ^^^ [2c 2h]
justin22_12: raises 200 to 300
Scha: folds redrat67: folds
QdAd JINX: folds
eazy_pickenz: folds
ReNard0: folds roithoso: folds
^^^: calls
25037chevy: folds
*** FLOP *** [Tc Qc 2s]
^^^: bets 200
justin22_12: raises 300 to 500
^^^: raises 300 to 800
justin22_12: raises 785 to 1585 and is all-in
^^^: calls 785
^^^ said, "ha"
*** TURN *** [Tc Qc 2s] [Kd]
*** RIVER *** [Tc Qc 2s Kd] [Js]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
^^^: shows [2c 2h] (three of a kind, Deuces)
justin22_12: shows [5d Ad] (a straight, Ten to Ace)
^^^ said, "omg"
justin22_12 said, "oh wow"
justin22_12 collected 3870 from pot
ReNard0 said, "loool"
justin22_12 said, "my bad man"

*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 3870 Rake 0 Board [Tc Qc 2s Kd Js]Seat 1: Scha folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 2: redrat67 folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 3: QdAd JINX folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 4: eazy_pickenz folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 5: ReNard0 folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 6: roithoso (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 7: ^^^ (small blind) showed [2c 2h] and lost with three of a kind, DeucesSeat 8: 37chevy (big blind) folded before FlopSeat 9: justin22_12 showed [5d Ad] and won (3870) with a straight, Ten to Ace

Following his "my bad" (hmmm) comment, he said he was watching something and that he wasnt concentrating. Hmmm, interesting. Obviously this is bull shit as even a true moron could see that the flop contained no ace, no five and no cards complementing his flush draw. I remained polite and then he said things like "oooh dont tilt" and became all smarmy. Whats that about?! I was reduced to 2k in chips with the blinds at 75/150. So whilst i had time before blinding away, i soon picked a spot. I eventually busted when i reraised all in, in position with AQos and the initial raiser (in first position i might add) called for all his stack with pocket 7's. Where do these people come from? I know he is a marginal favourite so when the cards are face up its a good call, but... he had to know that at the very best he was racing. I politely commented on another good play. Obviously I wasn't pissed because i would want a call in that spot with that hand in order to double up. But it wasn't to be. I invited both of them to any game i ever play in and wished them all good luck!

Back in the real world away from the laptop. It was my birthday yesterday. I got some cash and the first season of the Sopranos (ive never seen it) Third season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, music, books lots of good stuff.

Alas, that is where the good news ends. I have not worked a proper job since before Christmas. I have won a few hundred quid online which has helped. It paid my tax bill. I've also worked a couple of nights with a mate of mine but i am eating into my "dont touch that" savings. I set a financial marker that, when reached, i would have to get a job. It hit as my birthday approached and i decided that i would take my birthday week as my final week and get a fookin job. The problem is i need something flexible in case any actng work comes up. This usually means something with less money which sucks. The only other thing i am experienced in is bar and restaurant management. The thought of going back into a restaurant makes me feel sick. I ate out about 3 times this week (b'day stuff) and loved it but seeing how hard the staff work and the shit you have to deal with just makes me want to stay away. Ive thought of retraining in something unrelated and new, as something else to fall back on, but again this draws a blank as the time out and the training costs so much money, as well as tying me up from any work that does come in. The result is me being very unmotivated. To be honest, in the past when i have felt this way i would still enjoy playing poker and just lounging around. Now i am not even really playing. All all the feelings attributed to whats going on in my life make me just feel like i am going to lose. Tourneys are one thing, buying in relatively small amounts and building a stack which if i lose is no major problem. But i know i cant sit at a cash table. I know my patience is off and i will lose money.

Sorry for sounding like a mardy bastardo. I'm sure its temporary. Lottery win on saturday or the 5k first in the 10+1 15k guaranteed would sort me out.

Good Luck At The Tables Sports Fans

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Me playing live in the 80's - nice polo shirt

I post this as an addition to yesterdays post about getting angry at the tables. Here is some rare live footage of me getting vexed at some donk who sucked out on me earlier.


Friday, March 09, 2007


Good evening

I tell you now, had i written this 10 minutes ago the title would have contained foul language and the content would have been full of GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR

I have just busted out of the Stars 15k guarenteed midnight 10+1 tourney. Does anyone else experience this but you watch hands go head to head pre flop and you can almost call the river card. Example - 2 idiots get it all in pre flop w KJ vs K10 - now regardless of whether they should be in that situation - if you were Mr KJ, you have to feel pretty good about yourself. I love to make a move only to find i dominate my opponent. But, as is written somewhere in PStars terms and conditions

"At a crucial moment where you have made the correct play, we, your friends and servants at PokerStars are able to flick a switch to send out the most unlikely stream of cards that will fuck you squarely in the ass. Because we can." Lots of love The PStars Team

My tourney went something like this- id decided my best results come when i play tight so i was gonna play extra tight - entrants approx 2k - i was dealt aces twice early on. First no action - second on the back end of a stream of good cards where i had good flops and was raising lots. I got aces that second time and thought- if i play this aggressively i'll just look like some chip lobbing lunatic - so, i was in good position and there was a raise and a call in front of me from 2 players i had just been involved with (not sexually) and i make a big reraise - i make it like 240 on the initial 80, i get a flat call from the BB- (why do so many people want to defend their BB when it is only 20 chips!) and the initial raiser calls. Flop low prd and 2 spades - BB check - raiser bets (ha) i raise he's all in i call - him AK, no draw - gone. What is it about AK/Q/J that ruins people. I admit, it has cost me more that a few dollar but im reigning that one in these days "fo sho". Someone said to me once AKetc - see a flop - fit or fold. Good advice i think.

Next action after the first break - blind on blind action - big stack (well 2x my chips) raises my bb. (Now, here is my exception to my own rule - if i raise in position; fold your blind you overprotective mo fo. If however a big stack button or sb raises my bb thats a different story. They have not got all those chips by playing 2 hands an hour. If my hand is above average, and i guess thats the difference, i will usually fight back. This has in occasion cost me when i realise that the button can get good cards too!) Anyway. Ive seen this sb in a few pots winning without showdown and as soon as he raises i just know my A9 is good. Also i have 3k in chips and the blinds are 100/200, if i feel im good here im raising hoping to double. I moved in, he had KK and just kidding . I reraised A9 all in he thought long which made me think "yeah yeah - good act now fold" he calls and shows A7. Love it flop 9Jx and i double up. He sez - "wow nh" i ignore my impulse to make smug retort a it was not a "NH" and it certainly wasnt a "WOW" perhaps he'd never played before and just loved the excitement. Ha

Sadly this next hand was the last - id passed lots of pretty hands to earlier raises, lots of Ax and hadnt had any pair except those early aces. This was quite interesting to me as with no real cards/ pairs i'd outlasted 1600 players and was above average chips. Normally i am quite conscious of level changes, players remaining and chip position, but today i was calm, playing position and opportunity and really felt good. - FFS GET ON WITH IT

UTG + 2 im dealt AKos, i pause and think right, how am i going to double my stack here - insta plan hatched - call then reraise any pos raise and take it from there. I limp and 2 places to my left moves allin - he has just lost a stack of chips and has about 4k to my 8k. I insta call and la-huuuvvveee to see AQos hearts/clubs. Woo. This would put me 2nd or 3rd on the table> To the flop - heart heart heart - cue my line, outloud, no respect for the sleeping girlfriend "I'm gonna get fucked" turn heart river paired the board. His nut flush beats my lowly high card A. I was now on less than 2 k- blinds 200/400 with whatever ante- and im fucked. Cant wait to get it in on next decent hand "All tables are on a break for 5 minutes" Oh fuck off! First hand back - early position raiser makes a raise that puts me all in if i call. I'm on the button w KQos and call he has aces. Catch you later/ Kat Slater. Gays

Needless to say. I'll be there tomorrow night. Dodging quality hands like K6s (all in pre flop from a 20 k stack called by the monster that is J10...?) and laying down AK pre flop if i suspect the opponent to have any 2 cards with colours/numbers/drawings on them.

May all your cards be live and your pots be monsters


Nb/ that Mike Sexton WPT signoff is how, in my earlier times playing, i would leave a table, writing that in the chatbox and disappearing like a mystical poker prophet. Now i leave most tables writing "Yeah... nice play retard. Did your mummy let you play with the PC again" and anything else i can write that the sensors wont**** out. This escalated to a point the other day where, when i busted (money in with the best of it obviously), my table broke up. I rougly knew his name so checked the sign up list. Found him. Found his table and abused him there. I just didn't give a shit. I know i should love these idiots with these plays as they will pay me in the long run. However, i find very little solace in this theory in a tourney situation when i'll never see the little fker again. Maybe i'll get a job at 'Stars admin get their addresses and start paying very angry visits to all bad beaters. My arms fully loaded with poker books. Relentlessly throwing them at their heads; screaming "DID YOU PAUSE TO THINK FOR EVEN A SECOND THAT ACE DEUCE MAY HAVE NOT BEEN GOOD IN THAT SPOT? ........DID YOU?????" Meanwhile they cower into a corner, their arms flailing to defend against my paperbacked ammunition whimpering like a schoolgirl "I -I- I- I- I'm s- s- s- s- sorry"

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I'm going to post even though there is not much poker action happening.

Currently playing the10+1 15k on Stars. Not going too well - pick up a few small pots then lose a big one, classic, so around 1500 chips still - half an hour in. Blinds will be 50/100 in 5 so i better pick it up a tad, or just stop pissing my chips away as soon as i get them.

I have been really wanting to play recently (like always) but every time i fire up the computer i just feel tired, my eyes hurt and i know im not really going to do my best. I just end up reading blogs and watching high stakes.

Party Poker gave me $50 for my birthday, nice of them, i just have to play so many raked hands to release it and take it somewhere i actually like playing. Trouble is, with the way i feel at the moment, i am playing a while and leaving just breaking even on the money. This is gradually releasing it of course, and at least i havent lost it, but i am not playing aggressively. In fact i am playing weak. Every time i play i just think im going to get beat. To be honest just writing this has made me think that its probably to do with how i am living at the moment. I am staying up late, sleeping in late, getting up, feeling tired still and feeling pretty unmotivated as i havent auditioned for anything for ages, bills are pouring in. Seriously in a week - gas, electric, water, inland revenue (aaarrrgghhh) wtf.

Last night - sng - me in the sb with KK, all folded except me and bb - him about half starting stack 800 - me about 3000. he has been donking off chips and i know he wants to double up. I complete from the sb, he moves all in. "Aha!! Just as i planned- mwahh ha haahahahah, eat these cowboys you dirty...Oh.... you have aces." no improvements. Anyway i laughed at that hand and had no problem with it but it really does sum up the way recent hands have played out.

Yeasterday day, party poker full ring game 25c/50c. I'm hardly playing a hand. I know how i'm feeling and my attention span is not there. By playing tighter i expect to minimise my soldiers (chips) casualties. Anyway i have played about 100 hands and won 2 pots with AA and QQ, ive folded every other pair after completely missing every flop. Anyway - about mid position i raise 4x bb with pocket 8's. i might or might not raise in this position with this hand. More often just limp actually. Anyway couple of callers flop x89 with 2 clubs one spade. I bet out pot sizeish and get one caller with position on me. Turn 10 spades, so board is x8910 double suited. I bet strong again. Opponent moves all in, a huge over raise. I think, decide the chances of him having QJ are slim but with the flush draw possibilities out there .......and ive timed out. I have disabled the alarm that alerts you to play, as it made brain ache. I asked him what he had. I got the usual low limit player response of "if i wanted you to know id have shown". Hmmm, tough crowd. I find that even if they don't tell me, a few more questions can usually eliminate possiblities. To something i asked, he responded something like "i'll make you pay for a flush draw" (by the way, given this guys response and the way I've written them, i now see him as Dolph Lungdren in Rocky "If he dies...he dies" classic) anyway from this flush draw comment i think i was ahead when i folded, but i pussied out on a dangerous board when Dolph flexed his financial muscles.

Actually i auditioned for something today which sounded ace. It was to be in one of a series of 3 internet virals for a record label. The concept sounded really cool. "Idiots" going into a record store, asking for really bad music only for the "too cool" indie kid store workers to reach down behind the counter, produce a huge weapon, ie medievel crossbow, and annhialate the "idiot", cue much blood and post production special effects - removing half the victims face. Good fun.

The down side to this is that they were on a really short time frame, i should have heard today if i had it or not, i didn't, so can only assume i haven't.

A guy who directed me in a music video is shooting another one on Sunday which he wants me to be in. That'll be good. Unfortunately it is the day after the night before and we are out celebrating our birthdays on Saturday so Sunday might be a mission.

Im off, catch youse laters

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hello and welcome

If you are reading this, then i am already de.......... Just kidding.

Hi. My name is Dan, I'm 26 years old and currently a rested actor. Normally i would say i am a resting actor. However, i have been restING so long that I am now restED. Can i have some work please??

My main hobby is poker. Around 13 months ago I saw that my younger brother was making some dough on the side playing poker on the internet. This was a new thing to me. I was aware of poker's increasing popularity as a topic of conversation, people organising poker nights etc, but i did not realise to what level it had risen. I was at home in Yorkshire during christmas 2005 when, after watching my bro play, i logged onto the internet, created an account on pokerstars and deposited 50$. I sat down at the biggest table i could and after about, hmmmm? 15 minutes? tops, i deposited again and was shortly relieved of that too. Cue the beginning of a very interesting journey. roll credits

I had seen people playing poker who were not that smart, whether they were winning or not, i don't know, but i thought nothing to it. If so and so can do it, so can I. Anyway...long story short, i was hooked. I have always played computer games and considered this to be a game where my accumulated "points" could be exchanged for goods and services in the real world. If i became good, i could work from home, earn money and do all the decent quality, low paid acting i wanted. I have always worked in bars and restaurants. I had no desire to go back to another one. Unless i was doing a number on its food/alcohol supplies.

When i came back to London i bought my first poker book. Hold Em Poker by David Sklansky. HOLY MCMOLY! that's a good read. He's a laugh isn't he? Just kidding. It wasn't the right book for me at the time, is all. I made a start playing limit poker. For the simple reason that i was somewhat more in control of the losses. I developed a habit of making patient plays (whilst sat with my Sklansky hand rankings) and doubling or tripling my buy in low stakes. At this stage another part of the habit would take place. Once i had some money built, I would begin to make looser calls, play more hands in, what i know now, to be less favourable positions. At that time A,10 off suit was a monster to be played anywhere for as many bets as were going in the hope of hitting a golden flop. Needless to say, in not much time, i would decimate a nice little stack that had taken me a few hours to patiently build up.

A year on. I still play limit from time to time. Mostly though i play no limit. I have played stakes from 1c 2c limit to 1/2 no limit. I play cash and sit and goes, single and multi table. I have been playing more and more tournaments recently. I read constantly about poker, I have just used pokerstars points to buy Kill Phil by Blair Rodman/Lee Nelson, Winning Low Limit Hold Em by Sklansky/Miller and Barry Greensteins Ace On the River is arriving tomorrow. I am currently rereading Harrington Volume 1 and Super System 2 is by my bed. I subscribe to WPT, Poker Player, and now the revamped version of Inside Edge magazines (maybe called Poker Edge now, i cant remember). I watch poker on TV, i own the WPT box sets. I watch High stakes poker on You Tube as it is not airing here yet as well as tonnes of high stakes live hands on the internet especially on Full Tilt. I am also a regular reader of Pocket 5's, 2+2 and Blonde Poker. As if that wasn't enough i have just discovered poker blogs, another amazing resource. These bloggers have inspired me to write my own.

I would love for this to be read by others interested in people, acting, writing and poker. But, the main reason for writing is so that i can keep clear accounts of my actions regarding plays and my finances. Some other bloggers have mentioned that by writing about the swings poker presents, they can gain a greater understanding of their game and hopefully discover the holes that may exist. This is what i want. I have read the books, i will read them all again, now i need to plug gaps in my game and be the best player that i can be.

In the next post i will talk about books, ambitions, bloggers, my wins and losses as well as my poker challenge.

And finally... when i read other peoples blogs i start at the beginning and work my way to the current post. Doesn't everyone?? Sometimes, early in a blog, i might want to comment on something, but don't bother as it was written a long time ago/ they might not remember/ might not want to talk about it etc. i want to say of this blog that if anyone is reading and you want to say something. say it. It doesn't matter when you say it, or when your comment is from. I want to hear it. if you post it on an old post and i don't see it, post it on a current post in block capitals instead.

OK. enough for now.

sleep tight


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