Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Descent into poker blogging

I have just watched the film The Descent . Holy Moly! Shocker! As i mentioned before, i don't really get scared by films. I think to a certain extent i have seen it all. However, what this film did do particularly well was utilise shock tactics to its best advantage. I was in by myself and was tensing up and jumping about like an epileptic at a disco. Along with the "boo factor" (which is what i think this should actually be called - "i give this a boo factor 9" etc) they showed some shocking stuff - not like a man stabbing a baby or anything like that, but rather surprise, shock elements that made you jump and feel disgusted at the same time. I don't know about you but there are certain things that can be shown on film that really get to me. One example - not from this film, ( no spoilers here!) is dentistry. Not general dentistry "ahhh yes Mr Smith , very good teeth - do keep them clean!". NO! I mean pulling teeth with rusty implements, stabbing the mouth, the end of American History X ( ), drilling, wrenching etc etc. Ohhherrr makes me cringe thinking about it. Point is, it makes me feel wrong inside and there were moments in this film which did that to me. The only reason i put it on the list and watched the film is cos Empire Magazine ( ) put it in their list of 201 greatest movies of all time at number 200. I transferred all films i hadn't seen to my list and will see them all in due course. For those of you who don't know, "the list" is the never ending list of films to rent from my online supplier Blockbuster . Cannot recommend them enough actually.

As for poker. My god this game is sick. I still get vexed and annoyed getting busted by the morons. I don't care if they will make me money in the long run. I may run out of money before my time comes! I'm not kidding. Twice i got my money in with flopped sets (Jacks both times) only to be runner runnered and beaten by a straight and a flush. These were not on as a straight draw when the money went in you understand. If i move all in with a set and someone calls with an overcards and a straight draw then fair play and good luck but this is madness. I made a play i never make today which worked out really well. Check it out...

I'm in the bb dealt AJ off. The guy (dumb looking photo on Pokerstars as his avatar - begs the question why do people who aren't good looking advertise the fact- anyway) he is one off the button - he raises. I figure positional raise and reraise just over 3 times his bet. This incidentally is the play i never make with a hand this weak. He ponders and calls. Flop J33 - "great flop" thinks i. A move i do like to make in this spot is the double bluff continuation bet. I want it to look like a standard continuation bet so they get involved, usually on a flop like this by raising - and lo and behold - he repops me from about 280 - to 700 -now i know he hasn't got an over pair or a 3 - if he has a J its not AJ - so i reraise all in - he calls with AK off - Interesting the board hits runner runner spades to put 4 spades out and give him what is more commonly known as the nut flush.


Anyway - Poker faults of the day - 1) Emotional - get angry and want to beat certain individuals - 2) Impulsive - sometimes good but i often act and wish I'd just pondered the board/situation a little closer/longer- 3) Impatient - sometimes i sit like a rock playing 3 hands in 49 minutes and others i want to call any raise with any hand - I KNOW WHEN THEY HIT THEY HIT MASSIVE AND CANT BE SPOTTED BUT MORE OFTEN THAN NOT THEY DON'T SO JUST PUT IT ASIDE AND FOLD.

Enjoy your evening and remember its the way to bring a lemon do climax is to tickle the citerus


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