Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Poker Stars - where the stars play poker...

...especially at the lowest limits.

So i deposited a few more 10$ and embarrassed myself by looking at my sharkscope stats. it looks a bit like this

You get the idea. Up 500 very steeply and gradually dropping off on a long slow descent. Destination Poverty - population 1. Me. (Poverty in this case being a sad corner of my bedroom - we are not talking on a global scale.) Its actually only dropped 50 dollars but its 50 dollars in the wrong direction and it needs to be rectified.

I have just run one of these investments down to near virtual felt before winning it back after dominating a tiny 2 table tourney. How nice and refreshing to regularly see the best hand hold up. I often look at my play and criticise myself, but, i will say that so often i am busted holding the best pre flop hand. In that situation in the past i have walked away from the game frustrated and angry. I should learn from it instead. We know this is a game where any 2 cards can win so why am i surprised to go broke if i don't play a flop and regularly gamble with the best cards pre. If i have the best hand it should, more often than not, remain the best hand post flop so lets see what happens.

Just played a classic with this sort of thinking in mind. Sng - 5 players left - me short stack but still 25x bb - I'm on the button with AQ suited - I go to move all in on the blinds - I stop and think - they will probably fold - raise to build a pot with the best hand - I raise 3xbb and the sb calls - the bb moves all in instantly. I know he hasn't got a big hand - small pair maybe - i give him credit for something as i have only played a few hands - so i put him on a small pair - i laugh to see he has made this play with 86 off suit. I laugh less when the flop is K79 - and less again when the turn is a 5 completing his straight. I congratulate him on his stellar performance and leave.

What can you do?? Seriously??

Good luck everyone

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