Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Random thoughts

Good evening

Why do i drop about 50% of all shampoo i place in my hands onto the shower floor before applying it to my large cranium. This does not bode well for chip handling should i ever make the move to live casino play.

Someone in "InsidePoker" magazine said that YouTube is sooo last year and that PokerTube is where its at. I am happy to agree. YouTube has way more content and can be used to hunt for some deeply hidden poker (and other) gems. However, newer site PokerTube has some stuff i have never seen and can only increase its content (See links on the right).

In the same magazine there was talk of the WSOP and how it has changed. This was written by an Irish player (i assume he was Irish anyway) called Padraig Parkinson. I am disregarding all poker links here and concentrating on the name. How did they get that spelling?? I know! I know! If you say Patrick in an Irish accent (I'm an actor, I know this) it sounds like Padraig. I honestly think they were an Irish family who wanted to call their son Patrick. Unfortunately there was a verbal miscommunication at the alter and Padraig was the result. This same complex formula does not apply to the Irish spelling of Owen - Eoghan - What??

This evening i watched the new poker show on channel 4 - Party Poker Premier League. It has 12 poker pros playing a series of 6 - 6 handed sit and go's. Each player receives a different number of points in accordance with their finish position. The result after 6 games should give an indication as to the best over all player. (Last week Phil Hellmuth won.) I mention this really because of a couple of "online hands" that occurred during the show. In the first hand of note Roland De Wolf was down but not out and raised all in with 10 8 off suit. It folded round to Kenna James who sat for a reasonable amount of time whilst calculating his pot odds and thinking it through. All pretty reasonable and routine you may think . However he hadn't looked at his hole cards and on our screens for all to see was a lovely pair of aces! He eventually looked and instantly called, flipped them and apologised.

Kenna A A

Roland 10 8

flop 10 10 9


Turn x

River A

Mental - if that's not a PokerStars set up you've seen too many times to count....well... you probably play another site.

Later heads up between Juha Helpi and another chap (!), the other chap is dealt 10 diamonds 10 hearts and raises - Juha looks down at ... 10 spades 10 clubs and moves all in - other dude calls and its all laughs. Until the flop brings 2 clubs giving Helpi the freeroll. Turn club, Game Helpi. This is some luck as he had just doubled through after he had moved all in over Kenna James' raise holding AJ off suit which Kenna was all too happy to call with KK. This happiness landed only as far as the turn when the ace dropped giving Juha the hand.

This weekend was a bank holiday, not that it matters to me. I don't work, everyday is a holiday. The best part of the weekend and these days for me is that i get to spend them with my lovely girlfriend. It was a miserable day outside in the real world and we lay in bed all day and watched the second Pirates of the Caribbean (which was just ok) as well as "The Holiday." This was released here last Christmas starring Jude Law (very good in this - not usually bothered about him), Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jack Black. For me this was the PERFECT film to watch with your loved one snuggled up on a rainy day. It is a Working Title film and definitely feels like one but this does not stop the willing viewer going on the journey with these characters and falling for them all and their respective differences and difficulties. See it

I'm off to bed in a minute. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow. I have been having tests on my heart on and off since an incident i experienced just before Christmas. Tomorrow is the final consultation and when i receive my results of all the tests. I assume as they haven't rushed me in that everything is alright. This is England though, service is always slow and everybody hates a queue jumper!

Goodnight my loves

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