Thursday, May 17, 2007

Erm... i dont know how to say this...

...i've lost my 20 dollars -

Tonight i thought i'll play some s+g's and undo the bad night i had yesterday. I'm not going to go into detail about each game. I will however mention one hand which kind of sums up the whole experience.

Me under the gun - KK - limp - no raises - flop 9x3 with 2 hearts - i bet the pot - 1 caller on a shortish stack - turn 8 - i bet he raises - i think 98 at the worst - but doubt it - I think i'm ahead and put him all in - he calls with...34 - river 4. He wins.

Later i get AK into AQ - lose
1010 into AK - lose.

Erlier i called a big stack who had been moving all in regularly - i had just doubled by calling his stack size pre flop raise (12xbb) - me KK him 33 - i called another one and he showed K8 - i had A9 - flop xx8 - turn 8 - its time to call it a sng day i think.

I'm going to play a low limit tourney now and see what happens. I will assess how i feel this weekend about playing again. I know i am better than these idiots. I don't play as if i'm the best player, act arrogant and lose that way. It just frustrates me to watch these people play ridiculously and build stacks whilst i sit folding marginal hands.

See you in a bit Fictional Readers and good luck

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